Our Philosophy

Our primary focus is communication with our patients. We want to work with you and your healthcare team to provide you with the most effective and safe medication regimen for you.

Our Services

  • Prescriptions Made to Fit Your Individualized Needs
  • Flavored Oral Medications
  • Common Dosage Forms
    • Capsules
    • Creams, Gels, & Ointments
    • Liquid, Suspensions, & Solutions
    • Lollipops & Lozenges
    • Mouthwashes
    • Suppositories

  • Nutrition & Supplement Counseling
  • Immunization Administration
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Blood Glucose Testing
  • Unit-Dose Blister Pack

  • Local Delivery
  • Curb-Side Delivery
  • Request Refills via our  Rx2Go App on Your Mobile Device or Tablet
  • Friendly Refill Reminders via Text Message

Prescription Auto Refills

Refilling your prescription IS JUST A CLICK away with Life Pharmacy’s RX2Go App!

Free Local Delivery

Life Pharmacy Edmond Oklahoma Free Deleivery

We will deliver your prescription to your home or office for FREE! 

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What a bunch of nice ladies! Enjoyed our visit in and the cookie! – Nov 12, 2015
Very nice helpful staff with a natural options that I for one find priceless! I am so glad we found you guys! – Nov 5, 2015
So helpful and sweet to my daughter. We’ll definitely be back! – Nov 4, 2015
The employees are excellent. Very polite, knowledgeable. They compound medicine. Even though there is not a drive thru they have pull up lanes. Shop local!! – Oct 24, 2015
I am so excited about finding Life Pharmacy! They are willing to have dye free liquid on hand so she can compound dye free medications when needed! Yeah! And thought outside the box…we were able to give my daughter the same medicine she needed but in a dye free pill version! Yeah!!! – Oct. 12, 2015

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